Soba and Menu

Fujinomiya Soba

*Any group of customers, memorial services, and banquets cannot be served this menu



Rokkasen 1,350


Six of different tastes are at their best just like flowers of soba noodles are blooming.

Wanko Zen

Wanko Zen 2,100 yen

Wanko Zen comes from Wanko-soba. Wanko is soba noodles in a bowl and Zen means a serving tray. You will enjoy our original Wanko Zen with 11 different kinds of ingredients on top of noodles.

Soba noodles with duck meat and welish onions

Soba noodles with duck meat and welish onions 1,250 yen

The best combination of the texture of duck meat and flavour of soba broth.

Soba noodles with Tempura

Soba noodles with Tempura 1,580 yen

Soba noodles big oysters

Soba noodles with 5 pieces of big oysters 1,350 yen

*Winter only

Hot Soba

※Hot Soba noodles are served with rice
※Large size costs additional 200 yen
※Tax is not included in prices on display

Cold Soba


Udon Tempura Miso

Udon noodles with Tempura and red miso soup 1,450 yen

Tempura Udon

Udon noodles with Tempura 1,450 yen

Stamina Udon

Stamina Udon noodlles 980 yen

※Hot Udon noodles are served with rice
※Large size costs additional 200 yen
※Tax is not included in prices on display

Rice/ Rice Bowls/ Set Menus

Katsu Don

Katsu; deep fried pork Don (Matsu)  1,450 yen

Set Menus

Ten don noodles set

Noodles with a rice bowl

Ten Don (Vegies Tempura/ Prawn Tempura) / Katsu Don
Soba / Udon (Hot or Cold)

Una don noodles

Noodles with Una Don 1,450 yen

Una Don; a grilled eel rice bowl
Soba / Udon (Hot or Cold)

Shokado Bento

Shokado Bento 1,750 yen


Donburi Stories

Donburi Stories 1,980 yen

A set of enjoyable mini rice bowls, such as Tuna bowl, Egg bowl, Grated yam bowl, Deep-fried pork bowl, Tempura bowl, Curry bowl.

Soba Porridge

Soba Porridge 1280 yen

Porridge of buckwheat seeds, eggs and rice.

Salad Soba Udon

Japanese style salad Udon/Soba 980 yen

Fabulous combination of Udon / Soba noodles, vegetables, dressing and soba broth.

Set Meals

Fried prawns set

Fried prawns set
2,160 yen
Fried prawns with rice 1,700 yen

Sukiyaki set

Sukiyaki set 2,160 yen
Sukiyaki with rice 1,580 yen

Special Set Meal

Manyou set

Manyou set 2,900 yen

※Reservation is required

Shiraito set

Shiraito set 2,700 yen

Asagiri set

Asagiri set 2,600 yen

Fuji set

Fuji set 3,300 yen

Menus for Children

Lunch set

Lunch set 900 yen

Soba set

Soba set 700 yen

Hot pot dishes


Nabeyaki; boiled noodles in a pot with broth 900 yen
Nabeyaki set 1,300 yen

(side dish、rice、and fruits)

Udon duck meat

Udon noodles with duck meat and broth1,550 yen

Hoto Udon

Hoto1,300 yen

(side dish、rice、and fruits)

Udon fried rice cake

Udon noodles with fried rice cake900 yen
Udon noodles with fried rice cake set 1,300 yen

(side dish、rice、and fruits)


Tempura ice cream

Tempura ice cream 470 yen

A miracle dessert combining cold ice cream inside and hot tempura layer outside.


Sake tasting

Sake tasting set840 yen

A set of Takasago, Fuji Nishiki, Shiraito, Fujimasa and appetizers.
Enjoy local sake by comparing the tastes from the different brands.

Soba shochu Unkai

Soba shochu Unkai 500 yen


Shihokawa Sashimi

Sashimi for serve 11,400 yen
Sashimi for serve 22,600 yen

Shihokawa tempura

Tempura for serve 1980 yen
Tempura for serve 21,700 yen

Shihokawa Fried oysters

Fried oysters (5 pieces) *the winter season only1,350 yen

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