We are looking for our new staff.
We need someone who respect others, and is motivated to become professional. No experiences needed.

Ideal Person

  • Motivation; you’ll be always motivated at working to become better than before.
  • Team play; you do not have hesitation about working in a team.
  • Communication; you’ll communicate brilliantly with people.
  • Embrace changes; you’ll develop your knowledge of the ingredients and flavours.
  • Cares; you’ll show you care about your team through the way you treat our guests.


A man working for 1 year as part-time

A man working for 1 year as part-time

I am good at making Katu Don and Soba noodles with duck meat and green onion.

I think I’ve got the skill to make fried oysters soft and fluffy.

This is thanks to our company president’s help and leadership. He is very kind to me all the time.

Job Overviews

Salary 130,000-250,000 yen a month (depends on skills)
Category/Position Cook (Japanese cuisine) You’ll get the skill of making soba.
Shift 10:00 am to 20:00 pm (2 hours’ recess) overtime work when peak season
Day off Wednesday and plus 1 day(five-day week)
Who can apply Ideally, you’ll work weekends, public holidays, and be up to 45 years old.
Not essential but cooking experience is desirable.
Benefits A commutation allowance, an uniform (an apron) allowance
How to Apply Contact us. TEL:0544-24-0100 Shihokawa, Hiratsuka
Business Japanese Cuisine, Soba
TEL:0544-24-0100 Shihokawa, Hiratsuka

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