About Shihokawa

Shihokawa will be 100th anniversary of est. in Reiwa 2nd,
and over 10 branches are spread at the moment.


Our restaurant; Bypass ten reused column and beam structure from ancient warehouse that was built as Kimono shop in Fujinomiya in the early Meiji. You feel the special ambiance once you step inside and want to say hello each other unconsciously.

Fortunately we have the large number of satisfied customers who come frequently and enjoy our dishes. Therefore, I talk to them “hello”, rather than saying “Irassyaimase (Welcome)”. It is very thankfully for me.

I think we are able to meet your expectations because Shihokawa has a quite huge hall for holding any social group events, such as Enkai, Houji, Alumni associations etc… Do not hesitate to come and visit us even if you are the first time in Shihokawa. We try more harder to get along with our customers.

The Owner of Shihokawa

Kenzo Shiokawa

Soba warehouse Shihokawa (bypass)


August 1922 The founder of Shihokawa, Kenji Shiokawa started his own business in the filed of making noodles.
August 1932 “Gozen Nama-Soba (100% buckwheat Soba) Store”, which substantially was the very beginning of Shihokawa, was opened in Omiya-cho, Matsuyama-cho (Nishimachi, Fujinomiya-shi)
September 1966 The second-generation, Tsugitaka Shiokawa assumed the representative director.
April 1973 Our shop, Buypass ten was finally opened at 667, Johokucho, Fujinomiya-shi. The appearance of the building which refers to Gassho-zukuri in Hida (a house built of wooden beams combined to form a steep thatched roof that resembles two hands together), was into the news of that time.
August 1983 The Triangle rooftop was damaged by the big typhoon. People from Shihokawa group, siblings, friends, local volunteers kindly came and helped us to fix it.
1985 The third-generation, Kenzo Shiokawa assumed the representative director.
2008 We have acquired the official qualification in order to add new dishes used Nijimasu, which is famous in Fujinomiya into our menu.
founder Kenji Shohokawa
Beginning of Shihogawa Bypass
The famous pointed roof, gradually shaped
Shihokawa founding member
Events and their participants
TV appearance
With a smile, sake in one hand

Company Overview

Executive Representative director Kenzo Shiokawa
address 418-0062 667 Johokucho, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
Tel 0544-24-0100
FAX 0544-24-0101
Opening Hours 11:00~21:00
Closing Day Wednesday

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