An impressive appearance. A warm welcomed and nostalgic interior.
Taste the essence of Wasyoku; 和食 in the casual but polished ambience.

Soba warehouse Shihokawa (bypass) Interior

Zasiki seat

Zasiki is Japanese traditional sitting room with tatami mats.
It makes you feel relax while enjoying your meals even you are in the first time coming to Shihokawa by the reason of the impressive interior with the big beam.

Shihokawa Tatami
A type of seat with long tables at Japanese zasiki room.
Zasiki seats
Fireside seats
Seats by the fireside as well.

Chair Seats

Well-designed chairs with stunning light at Japanese style room where blight light from outside comes into.

louis poulsen
Chairs are Y Chairs from CARL HANSEN & SON. Lights are PH5 from louis poulsen.
Chair seats are quite popular among seniors.

Half Private Rooms

A half private room to “omotenasi” for important customers. This room is also suitable for Business uses.
We recommend you to make a reservation in advance.

Half private room
Room for 10 people.
Business private room
Room for 4 people.

Utage warehouse Seseragi

The Big Hall “Room Fuji”

The hall in Annex Seseragi are for 80 people(maximum).
The hall is appropriate to a wide range of social events, e.g. wedding receptions, alumni associations, or any kinds of parties.

Room Fuji

Small Hall and Washitsu

Small halls and Washitsu; Japanese room with tatami mats, are quite suitable to any social events, dinners and celebrations among small groups.

Small Hall
The small hall “Room Asagiri” is also sufficient for Houji; memorial services.
Washitsu is appropriate for uses of private events, such as betrothal present, and weaning ceremony.


We welcome big group gatherings since a huge parking space for motor coaches is available.
Our unique triangular roof guides you to the restaurant without getting lost.

triangle rooftop